Saturday 5 September 2009

It's finally September!

Hi Everyone,

I'd like to start off by just saying thanks to all the great people who have helped me reach this point. Most of all, Riordan's SuperValu Fermoy, who were very generous in their sponsorship of this swim... And also, Fermoy Leisure Centre who kept me going through the winter, Fermoy Swimming Club who I just can't thank enough for the last 10yrs, Dave Pyne for all the help with physio all this year, and Cara Partners, my Dad's employers, who were also very generous in supporting the event. And of course all the individuals who donated towrds the Irish Cancer Society so far! You can still donate here: So far we have raised over €5,500 I would love to make it €7,500 before I walk on French soil, so lets keep donating and I know we'll get there...!

The last week has been so different from the entire year I have put behind me. On Monday, I started to taper so doing very little swimming. On Tuesday I went to SiverSprings to remind myself of some of the 20km+ Sessions I did there and to meet with EilĂ­s Burns, Channel Coach Supreme... Wednesday was the dreaded "back to school", into 5th Yr, the beginning of the Leaving Cert. course, and it was a big shock to the system! At least it gives me something to take my mind off waiting while I'm in Dover. Thursday morning was back to Club Trainig with Fermoy SC, I have to say I had been looking forward to this all summer! Today was up to the City to get all the stuff for Dover, and to treat myself to a few things. Tomorrow is the send-off swim and barbeque at Sandycove for myself, Lisa Cummins and Sylvain Estadieu, all heading to Dover so that should be good fun...

I will post when I arrive in Dover and the day before the swim to let everyone know that I'm off. You can follow the swim online. There should be somebody doing hourly updates and Twitter here: and you can also see the boats progress by satellite on, I think it will most likely be Sea Satin but will confirm later. Hopefully these will be kept up to date on the day of the swim...

Expect a new post as soon as we arrive in Dover on Wednesday evening,

PS - There should also be a post very soon about the Blackwater Sprint Triathlon which took place last weekend...

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