Saturday 31 October 2009

Swim Statistics

Today I did something that I know you're not supposed to do and everyone will think you're so full of yourself if you do; I Googled my own name... Gasp! However, I actually found out some good information I didn't know before, and it's the answers to a few questions that different people have been asking me and I couldn't honestly answer.

Qusetion 1: "How many people have swum the Channel?" Answer: To date there have been 1,499 succesful SOLO crossings of the English Channel, by 1,081 people. I don't have a figure for the total of succesful realy crossings, yet. Niall O'Crualaioch from Cork completed the 1,000th crossing. Ther have been 6 deaths on Channel swims.

Question 2: This is one that some of the younger members of Fermoy Swimming Club have been asking; "Were you one of the fastest to do it?" Answer: I swam it in a time of 10hrs 19mins. The record is 6hrs 57mins held by Petar Stoychev of Bulgaria. Many wsims take well over 24hrs. I have the 203rd fastest time, along with one other. That puts me in the top 13.5% in terms of speed. I also have the fastest time of anyone from the Republic of Ireland. This year threr were 75 succesful solo crossings and mine was the 5th fastest, that in the top 7%.

Question 3: "Are you the youngest person to have done it?" Answer: The straight answer is "No". However, since we started we had suspected that I would be the youngest Irish person, and I can now confirm that that is correct. In the past people under the age of 16 were allowed to swim but that has since been stopped as a child protection issue. So now you must be at least 16 to attempt the swim.

Question 4: This is another one kids often ask me, I suspect adults are too embarassed to ask; "How do you go to the toilet?" Answer: Any suggestions for an appropriate answer?

All of this and loads more, including photos can be found on This is an excellent source for all sorts of information about past Channel swims. Don't forget taht you can still sponsor me online at So far we have over €13,000. That is a great result, but can we make it €15,000? Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me so far..!

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